6 Types Of Search Engine Ranking Factors

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Types Of Search Engine Ranking Factors


SEO factors work in combination with each other. It is not always certain that the SEO results will have high rankings. Having a great HTML title will not help if the page content is low in quality. Having a ton of links won't help as well if the quality of the links aren't strong either. Having strong factors can raise the chances of having successful SEO results but if you have negative factors it can give negative results.


The publisher has control on what type of content they publish. With that being said that will determine the ranking factors of their website and how it does on googles search engine. It's important to provide the right HTML clues that will help search engines and users determine what's relevant and what's not.


There are some factors that are beyond the publisher's control. This is called off-the-page ranking factors. Search engines will use this because they can't always trust or rely on the publishers- controlled signals because they often didn't bring the best results. For an example, some publishers have fabricated the truth by making themselves seem more relevant then they truly are.

Due to the billions of web pages to go through, it isn't the best idea to only look at ''on-the-page'' clues. You will need more key phrases to receive the best results.


Search engines want people to have the best results that is why they want people to use SEO. Search Engines help promote the business by videos, social media posts, blogs, and guidelines to encourage specific SEO techniques.

Some Search Engine techniques will let you know whether it is spam or black hat which could cause your page to have some serious consequences such as being removed from search engines period.

Some violations are typically purposely placed to deceive or manipulate a search engine's search on a website to hide its true relevance or authority.


If you are experiences with SEOs you may be wondering why some factors aren't shown. For example ALT text and bolding words aren't included as HTML factors. Why?

The answer is simple, it's not important. Google has over 200 possible signals or sub signals. It's important to try not encompass every possible one.

The SEO guide does not recommend having your most dominant key words at the beginning or end of an HTML title tag. An H1 header tag carries far more weight than an H1 header tag.

Also try not to be too specific because this can cause a major distraction from what you goal is. Instead just leave enough of a description to get the point across. Each page should have descriptive titles, the page structure should be right as well with header tags that fit.

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Types Of Search Engine Ranking Factors
Search Engine Ranking Factors
Search Engine Ranking
Ranking Factors
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