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Meta Data is what pumps up the SEO Company sector. Ever wonder how certain companies get to the top of the Google Search Engine? Or how they can find you a website that contains certain words that was inputted earlier? This all revolves around the SEO Company and the Meta data the company can provide for each page a user can access. Usually Meta Data are concerned small descriptions within the page that can direct users to it. All the users have to do, is enter the data they need on Google’s search engine and if it is within the Meta data, then that site will appear. This is a way to boost your company’s results within the search engine since it does contain hundreds of thousands of reasons per input.

What’s the normal description length?

When Meta data’s first started, they were usually around 155 characters maximum. However as time passed, more companies wanted to add extra information in their Meta Data to boost their results. At one point, RankRanger’s tool reached 230 characters which was a big hit for all companies. Once it reached over 380 characters for certain results, thus taking the Meta data description to a new level.

After certain analysis occurring to find the median of the Meta Data, they figured out that it would be 186 characters. Since some numbers similar but not limited to “RankRanger’s tools”, made the median this high. Even though at times some Meta Data can be incredibly short (even one character), which would also affect the median to going to the shorter character side. But these shorter descriptions are usually from videos and short posts that do not really need any Meta Data. Therefore, if all the videos were gone from the equation of finding a median, the least Meta Data would be 150. As a result, the median would definitely be over 186 characters.

Would every company need to add Meta Data or do they not make sense? This question does occur a lot within companies, due to the fact that at times Google adds a lot of information to your Meta Data. But the answer here is yes, because with it, the website page will have a meaning as well as higher ratings within the search enginer.

What is Meta Data

Meta Data is written in a certain language and statement that helps initiate it for a way the Google Search Engine can understand.

<meta name=”description” content = “What You want to Write” />

The description always stays the same since to write a SEO Company, it will most likely be a description. The Content however is the Meta Data the company would like to provide for the Google Search Engine.

It may seem better to write large Meta Data, but it is actually a disadvantage since Google could only display so much. Afterwards you may notice the sign “…” which then removes a lot of the Meta Data description that companies would like to display.