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BLOG -What is SEO?

SEO is important



There are over 1.3 billion websites in this world as we know it. How do these different websites consistently pop up when people search you on Google, Yahoo, etc.?

It's simple, with a tool called SEO. SEO is used as a technique that helps in marketing your website. SEO (or search engine optimization) describes several steps that you must take in order to have good results on google.

Here are simple steps you can follow in order to understand and achieve the best SEO results:

  • A marketing discipline – It's important that you understand SEO for all your marketing efforts. Having an understanding of SEO will help drive you to all the marketing techniques you not only need to write content that Google likes but also content that will capture your audience attention.
  • A technical task – You must know the best practices when it comes to Search engine optimization. Do as much research and have a pure understanding of what you are about to get yourself into.
  • An exciting field – Creating awesome content and getting strong leads for free is quite amazing. Also the constant changes of SEO and the requirement marketers need to constantly read up on new information to create new key phrases and words to keep up with the changes of the market can be quite the brain teaser.


Understanding SEO and how it works is simple. When a person searches for something on a search engine like google, yahoo, or Bing the results that he or she is presented with is a series of websites relevant to the keywords or phrases that was typed in the google search engine.

For example when you search for 'Second Baptist Church', the top results are the ones that are doing great on the google search engine.

This is primarily because the search engine that gathers the information on every website, gathering every bit of content it can find on the Internet pulls the keywords and phrases from each website and goes based off the most popular website.


If you are trying to learn more about SEO or want to learn techniques on how to better your website's SEO there are several on site and off site things that google and other search bars prefer when they rank each site.

There are over 300 things that can affect your site and where it ranks on SEO. However there are several ways that a person can improve their website and where it ranks on google by constantly working and updating their websites.

SEO starts off by choosing the right keywords for your company or business website. The best way to begin this process is by choosing the best smallest competitive words and then gradually building up to stronger and more popular keywords.

If you are looking for the best words or key phrases it's best to choose synonyms of words that will best describe what you're offering.

For example if you are trying to sell ''Best Island Food'' you could use terms such as ''Amazing Caribbean Cuisine'' Or ''Top Ethnic Food''. It's good to play around with the words and create as many key phrases as possible.

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What is SEO
SEO is important
What is SEO
SEO is important