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BLOG - What determines good SEO

What determines good SEO

What determines good SEO

Google, Bing and Yahoo are search engines that all produce primary search results that return content such as listings or content that is multimedia in nature such as videos and audio based off of what the search engines believes to be the most relevant to the end user ranked from most relevant to least relevant. This is different than ads that are paid for to appear at the top of your page regardless of it’s relevance to the end users needs.

SEO is about bridging the gap between websites that you own or are trying to find providing enough of the right types of information that let search engines know it should be looking for your website. There are several factors that play a large role in what you ultimately want out of SEO.

The words matter in SEO, search engines scan every website and the words on it a good example of such would be SEO Company Miami to target specific websites when an end user searches for such through the search engines. It makes sure that search engines only return results for websites that have those specific words or phrases.

Titles are another important factor in SEO, the titles are not usually visible at all when looking at a website but are instead used in the source code for the site. Search engines pay attention to titles for the same reason people pay attention to the titles of books, just like books the title usually has a quick summary of what the website is about.

Links between other pages are also considered by search engines because they’re usually recommendations to other websites that have something to do with what the end user has searched for to begin with such as SEO Company Miami. This is why search engines find pages with links to look attractive. There are some people who understand how links are used in SEO and will created links and websites that simply redirect back to the sites that the originator desires. If the search engine manages to catch on to this ploy it will prioritize websites that are considered more trustworthy in their rankings. The words in the links on sites are also of some importance if they use links in sites that are also hyperlinks will associate that website with the links that you added letting the search engine know that particular websites are associated with specific keywords and phrases.

One of the final things that search engines consider is the reputation of sites. Websites that consistently are updated with content that is new as well as adding new links that are considered quality are sites that search engine algorithms will prioritize over sites that remain static without changing over time. This helps to push sites that use SEO in this way, SEO Company Miami for example to higher spots on the search engines. Websites that don’t continue to update their websites with fresh content and links will potentially find themselves slipping down the rankings when compared to the websites that continue engage in these SEO practices.

Good SEO is about understanding the algorithms that different search engines use and feeding it the information that those particular search engines find to be valuable. This means adjusting yourself to the demands of the algorithm and creating the recipe that the search engines want.

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