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SEO is important


SEO is used for marketing to help your website grow and prosper. SEO helps to show how your website is doing on google. A search engine is where a customer goes to find a specific product or content that they need.

SEO is important because it shows how your company is doing. In order to have a successful website depends on your keywords.


A well Known research that is used when it comes to SEO is keyword research. It may seem far fetch to use but it is very important and there is a plethora of synonyms and word combinations for companies and their products.

How do you decide what keywords are the best to use and will work?

  • Relevance- Try to stick to the main objective or topic. Use keywords specific to your brand or company. Stay away from using generic terms or broad terms. If you use generic or broad keywords your website will struggle to pop up first on the search engine or you may lead customers to another company. Keywords should primarily focus on what you are selling or what your company is about. Using phrases or your company's slogan repeatedly can also result in successful SEO results.
  • Popularity- Using Popular keywords has been proven to be effective in SEO results. The popular the keyword is the higher chance of results appearing on google. For example Nike's most common phrase is ''Just do it'', so when you type that the results will bring you a list of websites regarding Nike.
  • Competition- Popularity has its cons as well. It's hard choosing keywords that stand out and bring great results because there are several companies out there trying to achieve the same goal as you. You may end up having the same keywords as a more successful company and can end up driving clients right to their website. Do your research and take the time and careful consideration before creating your keywords.


Once you've chosen your keywords the next step is placing your keywords in the right area on your website and the amount of times you place your keywords. You can't place your keywords once on each page of your website because it will come up non-effective. The best places to put your keywords and phrases would be in your title, URL, links, headers and sub headers, meta title and description, Image file names, and alt tags.

Putting your keywords or phrases in bold or italics can also improve your SEO results.


In today's world social media plays a huge role in promoting what people want or need. You can also create a company profile and promote your business on their using your key words, slogan, and or phrases. You also want to ensure that when creating the profile you had your companies business and contact information. Don't overdue the social media promoting by adding all information about your business or product. Keep it simple and sweet. Your website is used to give all the information needed on what your company is about.

These are the basic tools needed in creating a successful SEO.

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SEO is important
SEO is important
SEO is important
SEO is important
SEO is important