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BLOG - What is Best of The Web

What is Best of The Web

What is Best of The Web

Best of the Web is one of the best directories to submit your business to. It exists ever since 1994, thus it is the oldest directory on the internet, and has been one of the most used and trusted directories on the internet. It is perfect for new business that desire to have a trust seal and better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking. Unlike other sites, the Best of The Web allows the user to experience the site during a trial and only buy it if desired.

Currently, the oldest site that offers services for business' owners, the BOTW provides information for more than 16 million business on the US. It can be because of the affordable price and the two different ways of access, the Jumpstart and the Premium. The Jumpstart listing, for example, is perfect for small business because of the simple signup that requires nothing but a small fee of $1.95 per month. The Premium listing, however, costs $9.95 per month and $99.95 per year and provides the business with the chance to list the best-selling brands, link the business' website, track and respond reviews, and other features. Therefore, it is important to note that the BOTW is always wanting to provide efficiency, accuracy, and excellent service for a small business just as for major business.

Unlike other sites, The Best of The Web has the advantage of offering a 60 days trial for those who want to experience the site before buying it. Although it is the oldest site of the internet that offers the local citation services, there are other sites that can easily do the same. However, what sets apart the BOTW of other sites is the Trust Seal, which is a seal that attests to the veracity of the business and the authority of the business' website. Therefore, the BOTW is capable of building trust between the business and the customers, just as it will also improve the business' ranks. Besides that, several Best of The Web users have nothing but compliments about the site's plans and listings, which have been able to boost the business' revenue and give an immediate and quantifiable improvement. Furthermore, although it can be coupled with another local SEO services, the BOTW is capable of offering an excellent service, which always pleases the user, on its own.

Lastly, almost every BOTW user considers the site the best option available for small business. As said before, the site values trust and capability of growth, therefore, the user can use the site for free or pay a small fee every month and, if desired, buy the Premium listings, which will give you more options on how to manage every local citation and review. On the other hand, the Jumpstart is capable of offering a few, but great, listings that can help the business' management as a whole. Although there are quite other sites that can offer the same services, the BOTW is also capable of offering consistent and immediate improvement for the business', thus, it is the first option for those who want a simple and cheap option of SEO.

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