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Freezing up Leads? The reason SEO should be employed by HVAC Companies

SEO importance in marketing cannot be overstated

Freezing up Leads? The reason SEO should be employed by HVAC Companies

The days of using classified ads and postcards for promoting an HVAC firm are past now. Presently, Google is the primary place most homeowners would go in search of meeting their cooling requirements, not a sticker on the refrigerator.

Social Media Today reported that 86% of customers depend on the internet when locating nearby businesses and one-third of these customers look for these businesses once every week.

Imagine this simple scenario: a congested refrigeration line, a hot day in the summer and a perspiring homeowner running a search on Google and fully prepared to reach out to the first reliable technician available. A critical question any HVAC should ask is: Will my business display in the search results?

There is intense competition for both ad placement and organic traffic in most industries. Just like other services, many HVAC companies are getting smarter about the demand for search traffic and discovering ways to spend their confusing marketing budgets. Therefore, where should you concentrate your marketing budget?

Take a look at this: Click-through rate of about 70% is generated from organic search results on Google’s first page. This is because many users rely on the authenticity of search results. This does not imply that ads are not generating clicks but they are being skipped by most of your consumers. Google ads are effective, but the level of competition is very high, considering the amount paid by many HVAC companies for just very little audience.

We recently had an HVAC customer who believed that in order to have authority in their market, the whole of their marketing budget should be directed into Google PPC. Soon enough, they discovered how fierce the battle was which affected them financially due to a hike in expenses of about $100 per click and a very low rate of conversion, in addition to the current widespread of click fraud.

After this joint experience, we diverted an aspect of their concentration from PPC to SEO. Immediately they achieved a top 3 position in search results, their entire ad spending was removed completely. They were also able to use this process to generate a 478% increase in the entire traffic.

This is because the competition for the top spot on HVAC ads is more intense than the competition for the top position in search results. Being in the top position in search results helped them generate about 70% of customers of the total organic traffic. Whether your SEO is done in-house or outsourced, it should be incorporated into your marketing strategy.

Procedure for starting

Below are the three fundamental steps that you have to take yourself.

1. Develop a powerful HVAC website

When your website is more powerful than that of your competitor you will definitely be getting a boost. Apart from having a standard Home, Contact Us and About Us page on your website, additional content would be offered to search engines to enable the ranking and indexing of your website when your audience begins to search online. Begin by creating content that is relevant to the demands of the audience of your market together with a few specifics.

For instance, you can develop pages for every one of the services you offer such as Pool Heater Installation, Heater Repairs, Commercial AC Repair, Residential AC Installation, and so on, together with your market and the location where you carry out the services. Since the keywords from the repair and installation of HVAC are regarded as local search keywords, the local firms in the vicinity will be displayed by a search.

Local modifiers should be incorporated into the content of these pages such as the cities and neighborhoods where you carry out your services. Ensure that the type of service you do is offered through information such as Geo-tagged images, location mapping of your business and the information about the city. Creating these pages will enable someone searching for HVAC service within your location to find you even though you are yet to be on the radar.

2. Invest time in the optimization of each of your pages

Once the major part of your content is fully prepared, you then need to properly optimize so that it can be properly read by Google to enable customers searching your market to find it. The steps below should help you get started.

The service type should be contained in each link for instance:

The service type and location should be included in your meta tags.

Your service type and location should be an H1 tag.

Incorporate your service type and location into your Geotagged images.

A few service types and locations are required in the body of your content.

3. Develop authority in each one of your pages

As soon as Google is aware of your pages, it will begin to include certain pages in search results, but your audience might not go past the first page, therefore, you should develop some authority which will be used to decide on your location on search engines.

The inbound links generated to the webpages on your website will help you build authority. Simple methods of securing these links are:


Foursquare Merchant Circle, Facebook, Google My Business, Manta, Yelp, Yellow Pages and so on. These websites will help you generate backlinks to your website.

HVAC connections

Contact HVAC connections for inclusions as part of their members. You can build good authority generated from the links from relevant connections.

Featured Snippets

Focusing and generating featured snippets can help you boost your rankings in search results in the HVAC niche. Winning featured snippets will not only increase your organic traffic, but it will also position you as an authority in your niche which will make Google reward you. The benefits of snippets cannot be overstressed. Winning the snippet of “Why does AC freeze up?” will help you build an authority throughout your site and improve the ranking of your pages in search engines. It will also help offer Google what it wants, which is quality content for its audience.

There is intense competition for Google’s attention and HVAC firms should take SEO more seriously. Whether you like it or not, currently, the organic search result is king.


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