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BLOG - Steps To Become Number One On Google maps

Steps To Become Number One On  Google maps

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Today I will be discussing the best ways to make your company stand out on Google maps. The maps are a must-have for any company. No matter how many employees you have, Google maps are for you.

Being number one is a goal for us all, however, we overlook the steps on how to be the best. Every day we try to move up in this world the fastest and easiest way possible. We sometimes forget we have to work at being number one.

Steps to number one on Google Maps

1-Fill in company profile 100%

This step is very important. This is where you introduce your company to the world. Included complete company name, physical address and a local phone number. If your company is listed anywhere online such as Yellow pages, Facebook, Twitter, or other places included the links. Keep in mind you are reaching to be number one, so include operating hours for your Google Maps profile. Some business has shop hours and office hours that open at different times. Let the customers knew this.

Don't give unnecessary information in Google Maps for your company. If your company has more than one phone number or location do not enter them. Place information only about the main location. No 1-800 or 1-900 numbers need to be used for a location number. You need to give a real local number. 2-Reviews from your customers on Google

This step is a great way to get the word out about your company. No matter if it's positive or negative you can learn from this. A lot of people really like reading the reviews on a company before using them. With Google Maps you will be able to add your review links to your profile from Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. 3-Keyword(s)

This is how people will find you. What type of business do you have? For example, maybe your company is for landscaping located in Miami Florida. Landscaping and Miami Florida is your keywords, that's how you will be categorized in Google Maps. Also when someone searches landscaping they will see your business on the Google results pages. Hopefully your company is on the first page.

4-Adding Google Map to your website.

Customers are happy to find the map on your website. This shows them you really have nothing to hide. It's like they say "Come on in". They feel welcomed to be part of your business. It's also great to use for driving directions on a mobile device.


Add pictures of the outside, parking lot (parking deck), landscape, street views and more. The pictures will help new customers locate you faster. Also, it's a great way to stand out for the other companies in your category.

That's the top five must do steps for becoming number one on Google Maps.As you have read, with only a little work you can be number one.

wish you and your employees the best in your journey of becoming number one.

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