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BLOG - Google results for Local Intent searched

Google results for Local Intent searched

Google results for Local Intent searched

Just over the past year alone Google results for Local Intent searched have increased tremendously in their complexity and their nuance. Some of the newest things introduced have been products like the Blended Place search which has taken the step of combining the more traditional algorithm which has been organically derived with the Google Places which caters to Local businesses. This advancement has been the tip of the iceberg.

Although Google Plus was technically launched in June of the previous year, the effects of it have been hard to pin down to the naked eye. It seemed to only affect a few results in a tangible way and didn’t seem to indicate that much had changed with the algorithm. However the updates with “Panda”, ”Venice”, and ”Penguin” did in fact make substantive changes by taking down many of the lowest quality websites although it’s important to note that most of these sites weren’t associated with any small businesses in the traditional sense anyways but, it does show that they have tried to continually improve the algorithm over time. These changes are particularly useful for local businesses such as SEO Company Miami.

When it comes down to it from the vantage point of the Local Search the most meaningful updates are the ones that have preceded the latest ones. The number of pure Local Results has gone consistently from the majority to the minority. This has the likelihood of impacting SEO Company Miami in ways that could be beneficial in the long run. Local results have started to be naturally produced in ways that are bring the more local or closest businesses to the forefront. The interesting part of these things happening is that they actually have taken place even before the release of the Google Plus Local that was released on the 30th of May which means that the release of such should have a minimal impact on SEO Company Miami or companies in a similar situation. The largest indication of why this has happened this way is because the surveys from users started to come in right as the newest version was released meaning the user surveys were almost irrelevant in the creation of the latest version of Google Plus Local. The result of this is ultimately the next update will most likely be released earlier than usual as they use the information from the surveys to create a more substantive update to Google Plus Local.

All of this being said the previous years results of the Local Search Ranking Factors speak for themselves and are listed. The people who participated in the survey were asked about both positive and negative factors of Google Plus Local. Specifically they had to rank 90 positive factors about Google Plus Local and 18 Negative Factors The positive and negative factors were ultimately used as part of a scoring system with the number one factors in both positive and negative categories receiving the most point while the lowest of each category received the least points. This means that the most irrelevant factors carried the least wait in the surveys while the most relevant factors were readily apparent.

The number that appears first to the right of each factor is also important because it reveals how the factors have either increased or decreased in importance relative to the year before the latest survey with positive numbers meaning that the factor has raised in importance while a negative number would indicate the opposite, that the factor had decreased in importance. The number that follows the first is the average position that the factor comes in relative to that individual persons discretion with higher numbers meaning the person held that factor in higher regard.

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